An Epic Vacation 


Today some friends came onboard. Their names are Cayden and Kieran.  Jen and Damon are their parents. I always messed up their names by calling them Jasmine and Dan.  Jasmine and Dan are going to be coming on board soon with their kids! So it’s going to be really confusing.  

We started in Kos Marina where we picked them up. Once they got on the boat, we helped them put their stuff inside. After that, Cayden Kieran and I started playing tag, and running all around the boat. It was so fun! 


Soon it was time to leave the marina and we headed to our first anchorage.  When we arrived, my dad put down the paddle board.  Cayden, Kieran and I played on the paddle board. We had such a blast! When we were paddling there were lots of waves. They were kind of scared of the waves, so we had to go back to the boat. 

After that, I went out in the waves by myself.  I like going into the waves because when the paddle board goes down another wave was already going up, so it makes a big splash.  I feel happy when I do that, even when I get wet. The water temperature was mildly cool.  I felt myself going farther and farther from the boat. I like getting farther away from the boat because there are more waves. My dad doesn’t like me going far away from the boat because he thinks the current might take me away.  My dad was telling me, “It’s not a joke.” So I went closer to our boat.


When I came back to the boat, we asked my dad if you could watch Harry Potter 3. And he said, “yes!” It was a blast. I learned new spells, like expecto protronom!   As we watched the movie, nobody was scared, we were amused.  We just stared at the screen, we were scared on the inside, but you couldn’t tell that anyone was scared. We weren’t able to finish the whole movie because it was very long.  We had to go to sleep, my dad told me we could watch the rest of the movie tomorrow night.  


When we woke up, we made up the game battle royale. It’s a wrestling game. You play it on the trampoline of a catamaran.  The rules are, there are no rules. ha ha ha ha. I was scared, I really didn’t want to wrestle anybody. So when Kieran was attacking Cayden, I would jump out of nowhere and tackle them both full on! So, it’s pretty sneaky.  No one got hurt.  Soon it was time for breakfast, spinach pie! I love the spinach pie. Soon when we finished breakfast, we went paddle boarding again! There was a really beautiful beach nearby. So, we went there.  We started skipping rocks, we went in the water, and we tried sinking the paddle board by throwing rocks at it. Kieran paddled back-and-forth. So, whenever we needed to go back to the boat, we called him and he would come pick us up.  We did this for almost the whole day. Then, we had to go back to the boat for dinner.


That’s when we got to finish watching Harry Potter 3. Once it ended, it was time to go to sleep. I was really tired, So I fell asleep really quickly.  When we woke up, we headed back to Kos Marina to drop them off.  We had a really fun time together. But now it’s time to say goodbye. They gave me a friendship bracelet that can protect me from curses. That’s kind of what they believe in the Greek myths. It has an eye in the middle of the bracelet and it looks out for curses.  I’m still wearing it till this day. I like it and I like that it’s colors are very bright.  I thanked them for the bracelet and they got into the taxi to go to the airport. We ran after the car! We waved goodbye and walked back to our boat.

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