The Dead Sea


We were in the car for one hour before we saw sign that said "sea level." That means we were exactly on the sea level. As we went down, we saw a sign that said 100 m below sea level. Two hundred, and then for 300! 400! And that’s when I saw it, the Dead Sea…

Driving for another hour and then we stopped for a picture of the view. My Papai said he wanted to go swimming but I was seeing sinkholes everywhere so we got back in the car and left. We only got a few meters and then daddy said, “all right let’s go swimming in the Dead Sea.” Walking towards the beach I saw big sink holes along the way. I could put my finger inside the sand and it would go so deep. The sand was hot inside! It felt like Chocolate cake!


On the way there we saw a dock in the sand away from the shore, but there wasn’t water there anymore. This is because the sea level in the Dead Sea keeps going down. Soon we put on her bathing suits. We saw so much salt on the shore! I started licking salt rocks because I love salt! After that my dad went into the water, put air in his lungs, and laid back in the Dead Sea. Without air I thought for sure he was going to sink, but he kept floating! The sea was so salty and buoyant. It was so buoyant you didn’t need air in your lungs.  It felt like we were floating in Jell-O! Then, I went and tried it out from myself and I can also float without having any air in my lungs. It was like breaking the law of physics! I squealed like a wiener dog. 


The water was completely clear and you could see salt all over the shore! My dad wanted to dunk me under the water. So he did it! When I came back up, my nose felt like it had been in sparkling water. My nose was tingling! While splashing around, my vision got blurry. I told my dad I got salt in my eye!  He steered me towards the shore. It was hard telling which way I was going, so I just followed him. And that was when my dad pushed me towards the shore. When I was on shore, I cleaned my eyes with my shirt. My eyes eventually got better and I started eating more salt. And then, I pretended I was killing monsters with my sickle. It was technically a stick that was curved.  I did that for half an hour. My dads were relaxing and getting a sun tan on the beach while I did that.

My dad and I walked back to the car. Soon we looked at ourselves before we got in the car and we realize we were covered in dried salt. In two minutes it looked like we have been swimming in a salt bath, it felt like rough sandpaper. It took us 10 minutes to get all that salt off of us! And then, we hit the road again and I was super duper itchy. 

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