Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Today I’m reading Book 5, The Last Olympian. The main character is Percy Jackson.  He lives in Camp Half Blood. Everyone at Camp Half Blood is a Demigod! The camp has 12 cabins for 12 Gods. There is Zeus‘ cabin, Hera’s cabin, Poseidon’s cabin, Hermes cabin, Aphrodite‘s cabin, Hephaestus’s, Athena‘s cabin, Demeter’s cabin, Dionysus’ Kevin, Aries cabin, Apollo cabin, Artemis’ cabin.  Percy Jackson is the son of the sea, so he lives in the Poseidon cabin. His friend, Annabeth, is the daughter of Athena, so she lives in Athena’s cabin.  All the campers are the sons and daughters of all the Greek gods.

Percy Jackson is the only one in Poseidon’s cabin, and his friend Thela is the daughter of Zeus.  Percy Jackson has another friend named Clairissy, daughter of Aries. He snapped her spear by accident, eventually they became friends.  Percy Jackson also has another friend, Nico D’Angelo, who is the son of Hades.  Hades does not have a cabin in the camp because he was kicked off of Olympus. So Nico doesn’t have a place to stay so he lives with his father Hades.  When Percy Jackson met his father, he found out that he could breathe underwater and that he can control the ocean.   His friend Nico, can summon the dead which is pretty amazing!   Some Gods are very mad at Percy Jackson. He stabbed Aries in the foot, he insulted Hera, and he called Hermès a big liar. Dionysus doesn’t know how to say Percy’s name right. He calls him Peter Johnson.  Percy Jackson’s real name is Perseus Jackson. The evil Titan king Kronos is super powerful.  If he gets to Olympus and destroys it, the gods will fade from the world. Percy Jackson almost got killed by Kronos. Luckily, he swam in the river of Sticx, which made him immortal. Unfortunately, he has a spot on his back that is his weak spot, where he can get killed my a knife.  It is very lucky that Kronos does not know it.  Percy Jackson has also met Hephaestus. Hephaestus is the God of metal, forging, and lava.

There’s a huge war going on in Book 5.  It’s between good and bad.  Kronos is the king of the bad army. And Percy Jackson is leading the good army. By the way, Percy Jackson killed the hydra of Leandra. You see, after some monsters are killed, they re-form again. So, Percy Jackson had to kill the hydra again.  Percy Jackson also stabbed the Minotaur with its own horn.  He did that with no weapons, but the Minotaur did not die forever. He was reformed.  Minotaur is the commander of the bad army.  Percy Jackson shoved the Minotaur off the bridge to kill him again.  Luckily, the Minotaur died from that, but will reform in one thousand years.  If you ask me, that’s a long time!

Percy Jackson’s friend, Annabeth, daughter of Athena, is fighting the war with him.  Athena is the goddess of war, wisdom, art, and crafts. Aries is also with the god of war who was not a popular God even with his parents Zeus and Hera.  Percy Jackson’s army is very small, but Kronos’ army is mean and it’s super powerful like the Big Bang!  Percy Jackson discovered he could stand on a tornado of water. Which, if you ask me is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.  Right now, it’s World War III, Percy Jackson is trying to kill the flying pig. It’s technically all I know, because I haven’t gotten there in the book.  I need to read more so that I can continue this blog.  And there will be a part two! This is only part one.

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