Super Saturday


Today I woke up and I started to feel better. I was feeling bad because two days ago I got sick and threw up a lot. I had a stomach cramp and I couldn’t move at all. Whenever I tried to get up, I felt dizzy.  But today I feel a lot better. I can walk and I don’t feel that dizzy. I know it might be a better day for me! I really missed spending time with my friends yesterday. 

After I woke up, I went to eat breakfast. I didn’t eat that much. It’s an all you can eat buffet and it’s called Mora Restaurant. It’s a very nice buffet. And the breakfast ends at 11 on Saturdays and 10 on other days. When you enter, if you look straight ahead, you see lots of different types of foods. As you are walking, on you left you see some noodles and lots of other foods! It’s a buffet.  I only had some noodles and drink some elma (apple) chai. 


After I ate my noodles I started to watch some YouTube videos. I was watching BMG Drive! It’s when people try to rip cars into shreds. It’s a computer game where you can drive a car, change the gears, and it’s super realistic! It’s one of the most realistic car crash games ever made. My favorite part about it is driving the cars off huge 1000 m cliffs. My other favorite car crash is when they drive a car through a car crusher. The car gets totally destroyed! Don’t worry about the people because they put dummies inside the car!  I enjoy watching other people play the game because I don’t have a computer to play on it yet.

Soon when I was done watching BMG Drive, my dad asked me to do my blog. Ever since I’ve been writing this I’ve been laying on the hottest sofa in the world. It kind of makes me sweat. So I’m enjoying the hot sun. I’ve never been this hot in my life! Maybe I should change my long sleeve shirt and pants.

Ever know why they call dummies, dummies? It’s because they’re so dumb! Well they do get in the cars that are going to crash! They have no idea what’s going on by the time they crash.

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