Mega Gaming with Max

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I met Max four months ago! It was Thanksgiving. I just finished eating Thanksgiving dinner, then Max’s boat arrived and anchored outside of our marina. We asked them if they would like to come over for Thanksgiving dessert on Claudia’s boat.  They said yes! This was the first time we hung out on Claudia’s boat. We watched a lot of TV. So much, I didn’t even know what 2+2 was.  Watching TV makes you rot your brain.  The adults turned off the TV and said we were watching way too much TV! I totally do not agree with that. 

After we met, there was big news. He moved into the marina. Finally, I could start hanging out with them a lot more.  I went over to his boat and realized he had Minecraft. I love Minecraft! I don’t get to play that often.   That’s OK, because I like to play on his computer.   There are a lot more worlds!  Max has a lot of video games. One of the video game is called Aviel Wars. You start out as a caveman and the last stage you are Minotaur. You start out in the past and go to the future. You start as a caveman then you level up to a Viking. You keep evolving to different time periods.  My highest record so far is a Samurai.

The Viking is pretty cool. He holds an ax and a shield. You can’t block with the shield, which is lame. But, you can attack with your sword.  Max’s highest level is a mage.  I’ve never gotten up to that level. It’s super hard!  My goal is to level up to Medusa. She has a huge sword, more like a club.  


Now, we have to anchor. We have been spending way too much money on the marina. Luckily, we could take our dinghy back to Max’s boat one last time.  The last time is today.  Tomorrow we are leaving Fethiye.  It is in Turkey. I’m gonna feel sad not be able to see Max and Nate anymore. They have been my best friends.  I think I’m gonna make new best friends tomorrow. If not, the day after tomorrow, or if not the day after after tomorrow.

 Why is a Jedi knight never lonely? Because the force is always with him.

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