Skate Park Crash


It was great getting to go back to the Fethiye Skate Park! My friends and I race down ramps that involves using lots of leg muscles.  We get on top of the ramp and go down with a wushhhhhhhhhh! I go back to drink water, we do the same ramp a few more times and then I drop my scooter in front of my dad and run to the slide with my friends. 

Soon it was time to leave to get ice cream. I got a chocolate King Sunday! My friends got a chocolate ice cream in a cone.  Some other people got chicken nuggets.  


 After we ate, we ­scooted all the way back to Yacht Classic Marina.  It is very far to Yacht Classic Marina, but luckily, we skated very fast.  I was in front of everyone. The wind was whipping through my hair.  Soon I realized my friend Nathan was going way too fast and there was a sharp turn. He slammed on the brakes, but he was at quite an angle and skidded on the pavement. His wheel caught on a bump and he flipped backwards and landed with a loud thud.  He looked back in pain, and got up with agony.  Then he told his mom what happened. We had to keep going. Nathan has a hard time controlling his speed.  

Soon we got home, I went to my friend’s boat and we watched 72 dangerous animals of Latin America.  We watched it for an hour!  We had sausage sandwiches and it was mind blowing.  My dad and I read Percy Jackson, Book 2, The Sea of Monsters!  Then I went to sleep by putting my feet on the heater.

Gabriel KingComment