First Hot Air Balloon and 100th Apple Tea 


When I woke up this morning, I was so tired, but I was so excited to go on a hot air balloon ride. I put on three layers of pants and shirts, brushed my teeth, then we ran out to and saw Bianca and Sophie.   Together we went out and found our ornate taxi.  It took thirty minutes to get to the place where the hot air balloons were being filled.  Then, we saw our massive balloon!  It was white and red, white for snow and red for blood. I even had a snowball fight with Sophie.  

Then, we went on our balloon. It took us a while to get off the ground. We went up and I was feeling scared. When I am scared, I start to fill up with energy and squeal. Our balloon rose into the air and then it went down very low in the valley. We stayed like that for about 20 minutes.  Then, we started to rise up and it got colder and colder. I felt like a lion in the Arctic.  I felt like I could see Marrakesh, Spain, China, and Paris.  We saw massive rock formations and valleys.  It seemed like a thousand balloons were in the air. It was so romantic, because the scenery was so beautiful. 


Soon it was time to land. The pilot told us we needed to squat down in the opposite direction the balloon was going. Don’t worry soon we actually landed on the trailer.  After we landed, we had a champagne fight with everyone that was on the hot air balloon.   I didn’t get a single drop of champagne on me, but the rest of the people got soaked! I think Sophie was the one that was most damp.  Soon the same van came to pick us up and dropped us two blocks away from our hotel. I ran up the stairs, poured apple tea powder, added two sugar cubes and some hot water.  By the time my dads got up to the lobby, I had already drunk 1/4 of my apple tea. #ILoveAppleTea

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