Epic Crash


We were zooming down a black diamond on snowboards. Snow was spraying in my face. The mountains were still covered in snow.  It’s a foggy day and hard for me to see. As I was snowboarding down the mountain at terrific speed, I hit a bump and then flipped. I fell face first into the snow.  I kept doing it for over and over again until I felt comfortable on the board.

Then, I leaped up off of the snow and I kept on snowboarding. I carved down the mountain zooming past my dad’s.  The wind was whipping through my hair and the snow was dusting my face. After the first few hours, I hadn’t fallen much more on the mountain. I was feeling great, I carved to the left, and that’s when it happened.  


He bumped into me. It was really more like a crash! My Papai hit me from the left side, he fell on top of me and I fell hard on my butt. My face dragged on the snow… It felt like for 10 meters!  After the hit, we came to a screeching stop. Skiers were gawking at us, but one stopped to look at the crash. Then noticing we were okay, he kept going.  


My dad asked if I OK and I said, “I was fine.”

I said, “Are you OK?” He said, “I don’t care about me, I care about you.” 

And I said, “I care about you, not me!”

By the way, it was my dad Rafael who crashed into me! 

We laid there for a minute. My other dad was further down the slope.  I got up with a little pain but the pain faded away in about 10 seconds. Then, I jumped back onto my snowboard and accelerated very quickly down the mountain to my other dad.  And I asked him “Did you see what happened?” 

He said “Yes! I saw it.”  

After we talked for a minute I headed down the mountain again. This time at even higher speed than I expected. And guess what, I caught it to edge, Ahhhh!  Those accidents are pretty common. I got up quickly and kept going down. Finally, I saw the curve where the ski lift takes you up the mountain and I got to a completely flat surface.  The funny thing is, I’m not really good at snowboarding on the flat surfaces.  It’s too slow and bumpy!

I need a hot chocolate! 

We love you

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