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I woke up just knowing it was Christmas Eve. I woke up my dads by jumping up-and-down on them. They woke up right away and then they said, “yeah, you’re right we totally forgot about that.” Then, my grandpa and aunts woke up and we had breakfast. We had Nutella, strawberries, different types of cheese, and everything you could ever imagine on a crepe.   My dad just told me on Christmas Eve I could only open one present that night.  My first present was a huge Nerf gun! And then, after I opened the present we had to go to bed.

In my dreams I sang, “Rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose and if you ever saw him you would even say it glows!”

And then, I woke up Christmas morning. I had jumped on top of my dads and told them it’s Christmas day! I wanted to open my presents right then. But first we had to go to my Titias’ house.  We had a delicious breakfast of eggs, avocado, cheese, hot sauce and that’s it. And then, we opened my presents. First one was a small gift. I got a tiny car. And then I opened another present and I got batteries for my Nerf gun! And then the best gift of all that my dad thought I was ready for was a Nintendo 2 DS XL. 


I screamed and I said “yes! You finally got me this?” It felt like the best day of my life.  My tias (aunts) even got me a video game called Lego land. I know my friend Nathan has Lego world too, but this one’s a little bit different. You have to catch robbers! It’s super-duper hard! OK now I have to go play Lego Land, because if I don’t, there might be something bad happening in Lego Land.

Epic Crash

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