Dabriel Ding:  The Ring Bearer


Tia Katy:  “Hey Gabriel would you like to be our ring bearer?”

 Dabriel:  “Uhhhhh, sure.”

 Tia Katy: “Okay, Tia Thay will give you the ring before the ceremony.”

Finally, the ceremony came and I was so happy!  For the time being, all I had to do was sit and wait until the rings were handed out.  It took a while for my job to happen.  Meanwhile, Vovo (my grandad) wanted the rings, but I was like… “No, these rings are safe!”

At the same time, Katy and Moema were telling stories about how much they loved each other and I was almost crying.  I was shaking and my body was shaking!  I tensed my muscles and you could see my eyes fill up with water, but my eye lashes kept the water in.


Soon it was time for the rings to be passed out.  I was so excited!  Little by little, I walked to them and gave both of them the rings.  At first, I thought I had to just give it to them right away when the ceremony started. I had to give it to them when they finished their love stories.  Next, I walked back to my seat……

In the first place I had no idea I was going to be the ring bearer.  I felt very happy to be the ring bearer.  I was very nervous, because I had to walk and so many people were watching me. I had to be very suave.  


Then, there was a pool party where everyone jumped into the pool.  I was the first one in the pool and I was in my wedding clothes!  I cannoned balled everyone in the pool.  Water went into their faces.  Splash!

To conclude, I learned from that experience that the ring bearer is a very important job.  When it was over, there was a sigh of relief.

Hey Tia Thay! Do you want some “Thai” food?  Hahahah!  Do you get it?

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