Snorkeling is FUN!

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Yesterday, I went swimming with Jasmine and she is really good at snorkeling.   We went very far away from the boat and it was so beautiful. Jasmine and I were talking about cleaning up the ocean, because we did not want the fish to die. So we decided to pick up trash on our snorkel adventure.  When we were swimming around, Jasmin saw a can.  I watched her turn around, swim down, stop and I did not think she would have enough air to get to the bottom.  When she came back up, I asked her “what is wrong?”  She said there was a fish in a can and it was using it as a home.  The fish was like, “back off! stay away from my home!”  We talked about the fish and decided to leave the can, because the fish was using it as a home.  

On the way back, we saw some coral.  It wasn’t some beautiful coral, it was whitish pinkish, purplish coral.  We also saw orange coral in the water.  they looked like tube worms, but I don’t think they are tube worms, because they live in deep water.  When I saw them I thought they were a sea anemone, but it wasn’t.  

We continued on and saw, rocks, trash and a tire that sank to the bottom of the water. We couldn’t get the tire, because it was way too big.  So we continued on.  We had to swim through the cove to get back to the boat. I saw some seaweed, but it wasn’t awesome seaweed. Finally, we rinsed off in the shower and there is one thing I need to tell you.  Later on, we took the boat to a new anchorage and saw a sea sponge!  Today, we are going to a new cove with new fish and new coral.  I hope I get to see a coral reef and an orange starfish. 

How did the hammerhead shark do on the test?  He nailed it!

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