(not a picture of a pigeon— we know)

(not a picture of a pigeon— we know)

Out of the blue, I saw a huge flock of pigeons. Lots of people were feeding the pigeons bread crumbs, muffin crumbs, and even an ice cream cone!  Some pigeons were eating corn they found on the ground and the rest of them were being fed by humans.  It was the best food place for the pigeons!  I was chasing the pigeon all around.  Once a pigeon flew by and touched my head.    It felt feathery!  It flew in a flash!  Slowly I sneaked upon the pigeon and tried to grab it.  I said “Eureka!”  Shockingly, I touched its wing.  I wasn’t planning on doing that!  

All of the sudden, out of nowhere, pigeons from the roofs started flying down.  Before I knew it, it was pigeon city! They came out of the blue.  Suddenly, my mind filled with joy.  I ran towards the pigeons so fast they could not fly away. I chased them up, scaring people all over the square.  The flock was huge. Kids were even scared. They were gasping.  They flew into the air and when they did it, it looked like a huge shark.  I did it again and again.  Little by little I got exhausted.  

Later we got ice cream, well frozen Greek yogurt.  My eyes almost popped out of my sockets they’re using a soft serve machine.  The yogurt was so good. I gulped it down.  I ate it at full power.  My dads did not want toppings.  Why would anyone not want toppings on their ice cream?   Then we left the square.  On the way back, I saw 10 more pigeons flying in the air and going to join the rest of group on top of the roof.  

Q: What happens when you tell a duck a funny joke?
A: It quacks up.

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