Having Fun with Friends!


We have new friends on board.  Their names are Charlie, Sandra and Jochen.  Charlie is 12 years old.  It is nice teenager on board, because I get to play with him a tiny bit.  He likes to focus on his video games.  He does more technology more than me.   I can’t wait until I am 12.  I always have to finish my tasks before I get tech time.  

I am having lots and lots of fun.  We have been playing push each other off the boat, king of the mountain on the paddle board, and video games with Charlie.  We even play Mind Craft and war video games!  Charlie keeps pushing me in the water even thought I want to take the ladder into the water.  One time it wasn’t so cold, because the water was so hot!  I have even gotten him the water three times!


King of the Mountain is very fun pushing each other in the water. Basically, you can push anyone in the water!  Two us us have to stand up and the last one that falls off the paddle board is the winner.  I usually battle battle Charlie.  My Papai battles Charlie’s dad and me.  The way to get my Papai off the board is to run at him and then the will accidentally step backwards into the water.   I usually fall in too, bu I still win because I am smaller and I go for the legs.  Also I push one of his legs off, which caused him to fall sideways into the water.   Charlie usually just throws me off.  Its harder to run towards him because he keeps throwing me in the water. My dad asked Charlie not to throw me in water.  I could then run towards him and he falls off.   Splash!  When we were playing my dad looked at the time and said “it’s time to go.”  We are going to the Mljet National park!  But before we left, I went, battled him and he fell into the water.  Then we left. 

What did the ocean say to the beach?  Nothing, I just waved!

Gabriel KingComment