Super Hero Time


On a beach near Athens

All of a sudden, I heard a loud snap!  I ran upstairs to see what was going on.  It was a sailboat with a cracked wooden main mast! And their boat was upside down!  It was a training boat, a mono-hull and it only had the main sail.  My dad and I thought we should rescue the boat. So we jumped onto our dinghy and tied a rope to their boat.  Two people were aboard and we towed them to a small harbor. When we did that, we felt like heroes. They would have drifted to the sea, no food and probably froze to death. The people of the sailboat thanked us a lot!

All of the sudden there was a kayaker who said there was a lady on a standup paddleboard who needed help.  The winds were too strong for her to row forward.  We rescued her the same way.  We even had her board our dinghy and towed her paddleboard back to the shore. 


Then we went to the boat to have sandwiches and went to the beach.  When we got the beach, we decide to walk to the inflatable play house. Someone said they lost their ring!  We were on the job.  We looked and looked and finally found the ring!  The guy said thank you.  We were the heroes once again.  That’s three times in one day! 

We stayed and played on the floating playhouse and I met some friends.  They were very nice.  Then at 8 pm the park closed.  I hate when things I like close.  Then I swam back to my dads and found my dads waiting for me.  The best thing about today is that I got to play on the floating playhouse all by myself.  On the way back the boat, dramatic flashback, the girl I played with from the playhouse waved at me as we passed in our dinghy!   

Which super hero is the most curious?

Wonder Woman!

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