Guide to Pro Soccer


I have been playing soccer in a basketball court lately. The concrete court we play on has basketball nets attached to two poles.  Each pole goes straight up to the side of the backboard.  If you shoot the ball in the middle of the posts, you score.   The cool thing is that if you hit one pole with the ball it will reflect into the goal at an angle.

I play soccer very little, because it is hard to find regular soccer fields.  I want to be better at shooting the ball into the goal.  I am getting better at shooting the ball from the sides of the fields.  The easiest way is that you need to imagine you are the ball.  The skill I invented is, don’t look at the ball, look at where you want the ball to go to.  You can still see the ball without looking at it.  It’s at the bottom of your eye.  Focus on where you want to get it to.  Your body just knows where the ball is.  It’s like memorization. 


I need to work on passing the ball and my dad needs to work on kicking the ball straight at me.  Papai is very good at soccer, because he is from Brazil.  According the World Cup, Brazil has more wins than any other country in the world.  Really, Brazil has five World Cup wins!  My papai taught me to pass the ball in the correct direction and we play against each other.  I won the first game and he won the second time. I haven’t been playing that much with other kids here, because they are so good.  They almost won the World Cup!

Tomorrow, I hope we go the actual soccer field that is free and we can play there.  I think it is all grassy.

What kind of tea do soccer players drink?  Penal-Tea

The End

 Both of my dads were there.