How to Drop your own Anchor?


Nnnnnnnmmmmmmmnnnmmmm!  The sound of rope rubbing on hard rubber with the anchor attached!

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to have an anchor for the paddle board, almost like a real anchor.  I went to shore and got a rock and I attached a rope to it. Then, I dropped the rope down into the water and it landed right in the middle of a tire.  Presto!  I started pulling on the anchor and it held very well.  It worked so well I kept using it in different coves. 

Today I woke up and I thought, “I need to go to the bathroom and maybe I could have the anchor in guest room.”  I wanted to use it very bad!  My dads wouldn’t let me use it because it was a decoration.  But later that morning they decided I deserved it, because I was being awesome to our guests.


So here is how you use an anchor on a paddle board.  You need to drop it close to a rock. Then, you need to drag it towards the edge of the rock.  Keep on going until you feel a strong tug.  That means an edge of the anchor is holding on to the rock.  When you attach it, there should be a clang so you know there is a hold. Presto!  You are anchored! It’s very easy to get the anchor out.  Let’s figure out if you can get it out yourself. 

To get the anchor out of the rock you need to go backwards. Then, the anchor will drag out of the rock.  Then, pull the anchor up.   It’s that easy!

I wish I had two of the replica anchors. That would be awesome.  One on the front and one on the back.

What is the strongest sea creature in the ocean?  A muscle!