My Birthday Celebration!


I celebrated my birthday last Saturday and Sunday and I loved it. We had cupcakes, chocolate cake and I even got a new chocolate cereal.  Tia Katy and Tia Moema drove three hours just to visit me.  I was really glad that they came.  My dads told me they were coming, but I thought they were joking.  Apparently they weren’t!  I gave them lots of hugs and lots of kisses when I saw them.  We went swimming with them on an anchorage and kayaked around the boat.   They even took us to a sushi restaurant.  It was delicious!  I had two miso soups and one humongous roll that was cut into 8 pieces.  I didn’t get more because it was 10 Euros each roll and that is really expensive!  I always get the california roll because that is my favorite roll of all the sushi I have ever had.  My dad got the dragon and spicy salmon roll and I tried those too.  I recommend you guys get the california roll.  For all those who do not like sushi, I am going to say one word to you…”Bummer!”


My favorite thing I got was a Star Wars Combat Speeder Lego!  The characters were General Grievous, who has four light sabers and Mance Windu, who had one lightsaber.  I already finished building it.  It took less than 30 minutes!  It was awesome and I finished it in a jiffy.  I thought it was missing a piece, but then I found it.  The piece held the ship together.  If I had lost that piece, the ship wouldn’t connect.  

I also got some money from Gigi and I used 9 Euros and 99 cents!  I didn’t use all of it, because I wanted to save some of the money. I also bought an app and then built a base in Minecraft.  Usually I hang out underground.  At night, I saw a zombie outside.  Luckily he didn’t see me, but I saw him.  I hope Eli is reading this because he has Minecraft and he is a master.  I am learning some new stuff about the game.  I don’t want to ruin it for you so I won’t tell you what I have been learning.  Eli, you already know what Minecraft is all about.


We also went to a bowling alley.  My papai won; he always wins. I never get to beat him!  Ever!  There was also an arcade inside the bowling alley.  We all played a motorcycle racing game.  There were four motorcycles right next to each other.  We each got one, Tia Katy, my Dad, me and my Papai.    One time I came in second.  When I saw my dad I kept on pushing him into stuff.  I even made him crash once.  In the end, my dad won the first round and my Papai won the second time.  


Knock Knock! Who’s there?  Who Who…  Don’t get so excited it’s just a joke!