Free Diving


When I go underwater, I see sea grass, rocks, small fish, sea urchins and starfish! So many are camouflaged!  There are also red starfish that you can see very well in the water. It’s outstanding!

Usually I go diving without my flippers. Today I wanted to try something new!  I was hoping for speed.  When I started going down, I dove so deep.  I was able to touch three meters down. It was insane!  The only problem is that I needed help getting back up. Getting up you need to do more feet process.  Going down deep sometimes you feel like the top of the water is the bottom.  It is so crazy.   I tried to thrust myself up with the dolphin kick.  It’s when you connect both feet together and you paddle, paddle, paddle.  I was trying to do it over and over and it was hard.  So I decided to go up the old fashioned way.  I realized I go way deeper if I jump off the boat.  I love jumping off the boat!  It’s really really fun to hear the splash. 


There are so many type of jumps.   There is a jump and I call it the spear.  It’s when you go straight in feet first and head last.  I’m still working on my jackknife and cannon ball.  If you do the spear, and go head first, it messes up your goggles a tiny bit.  I did it and my goggles fell off when I went under water.  I was under water about 10 seconds, which is a lot.  I can now jump off the front and the side of the boat and I am starting to get good at it.  Maybe you could figure out how deep I can dive next month. 

What do you get when you combine a scuba diver with a janitor?

Jaques Coustodian!