Rescue: Boat Adrift!

Drag, drag!


I was in my room reading books, books and more books when I heard the sounds of ropes being thrown on deck and people stepping around loudly. First, I thoughts it was our friends coming aboard.   Then I realized the clanging were my dads!  My dad was on our boat throwing out rope.  The ropes were leading to my Papai on the paddle boat.  Then, I noticed the monohull.  As I looked at it, it kept on getting further and further. I thought we were moving, so I looked on the “nav” chart.  Glad we were not moving!  I thought it might be us drifting. Then I asked my dad, “What is going on that that boat?”  He said “The boat is adrift!”  Then I really knew what was going on.  That sent a huge shiver down my spine!  My dad said, “We are not going to pull the boat with the paddle board, we are going to tie it to our boat to try to hold it.”  Then there was huge knot and my dad could not get the knot undone.  There was a huge kink in the rope!  Then my Papai dropped the rope and paddled fast toward the boat that was adrift. My Papai jumped on the boat! I had a brilliant idea. “Why don’t we take our dingy to the boat!”  My dad jumped on the dingy and zoomed out leaving me on the boat. I was just about to say can I come, but I never got the chance! I kept watching the boat get further and further.  It was over 200 meters away!  My dad and Papai had to lift the anchor by hand and turn on the engines.  Then the owner finally came on their dinghy.  When they arrived on the boat, my dads came back to our boat on the dinghy with the paddle board drifting behind.  When they finally got back I said, “Can I ride the paddle board behind the dinghy?”  Papai said no.  We did not want to get the rope wrapped around the propeller.  


After that we left the anchorage.  No boats adrift…wait a minute, is that another boat adrift?