Walking up the Tallest Volcano in the World! (not really)


The day before yesterday was outstanding!  I’ve never hiked a mountain that was still erupting! I have never seen lava spewing out like 58,000 feet into the air…Okay like 10 meters in the air! I’ve never hiked 900 meter straight up and I never ever hiked over the clouds. 

When we started the hike I thought it was going to be easy…Then it turned out to be so hard!  I was so tired before we got half way up the mountain.  Luckily, I made it up the mountain.  That was lots and lots of walking and work!  It took two boring hours to get to the top!    People that I didn’t even know were helping me up.  It made me feel happy that I was getting help.  


The guide even let me lead the group up to the tip of the mountain.  The guide said, “I would like to introduce my fellow guide, this is Gabriel.”  He pointed to a rock and said “This is an ancient rock that was created before the Roman time.”  Yack, yack, yack…he kept talking.  On the way up there was rock, sand and more volcanic sand.  There were also lots of plants! When we went higher, there were less plants.  The higher you go up the harder it is for plants to grow.  As we were going up, it got colder and colder and then, it got extremely hot when we got to the vent.  That’s where we saw the lava spewing out. The sand was hot, the rocks were hot, everything was hot. The clouds were so low it looked like they were 200 meters below us.  When we went through the clouds, it was really misty. 

There was one gross part.  You had to wear duck poop all over your face, so the heat did not burn you.  Joking!  We had to strap on helmets, in case you fall or if lava, rock or stone spews at you. 


When we were going down, it easier and there was a lot of dust.  And guess where all that dust was coming from…  Papai!  I’m joking, it was me! I started kicking up dust, everyone was kicking up dust.    There was so much dust we had to wear masks so we could easily breathe.  We went faster on the way down, because we were heading down.  Down you go super fast.  It felt like it took half an hour to an hour to get down the mountain. 

If you are ever going to climb that mountain, you really need lots of water, walking sticks, mask, rental boots and a head lamps.  Don’t worry if you don’t have these things, because you can rent it from the hiking office.  You can always use the poles for skiing too!

Rafael GondimComment