Underwater Diving


I heard the bubbles!  I was making lots of bubbles! 


I used the flippers for my feet and the goggles for my face.  My Papai uses flippers, goggles, and a snorkel.  I don’t use the snorkel because it doesn’t feel comfortable.  Maybe I’ll try it again one day and see how it is. 

We jumped in the water with our snorkeling gear on. I looked down at the bottom and I saw sand and algae.  As I moved closer to the beach, I saw more fish and more algae.  I saw lots of huge rocks under water too.  The bottom of the ocean was teaming with life!  We saw golden fish, orange fish, yellow and blue fish.  We saw rocks bigger than humans.  They are so big underwater, they were probably bigger than three humans standing head to toe.  I was scared of the huge rocks! 

If you don’t have goggles on you can’t see the bottom.  It’s really blurry because of the waves, but when you put the goggles on it is dead calm and not wavy. Above the water during a storm there are white caps.  Under water it is so calm, there is nothing going on for the fishes.  They are just relaxing and having a peanut butter and jelly fish sandwich, well unless there is a whirlpool!  

Well that is it for the snorkeling!