Helicopter Hotel Disco


Tia (auntie) Katy and Tia Moema stayed in a hotel.  I wanted to stay with them, so I asked them.  They had a room and I had a room. They had a TV and my room had a TV. You know how I love to read books on the boat.  I wake up and read books!  In the hotel its different.  I watch TV for half an hour, turn it off and go to bed.  Then I wake up and watch TV until breakfast.  Breakfast is awesome!  They have red OJ and they also have cornflakes.  They even have a pool!  It was warmer than the pools in NY. It was probably the warmest pool I’ve ever been in.  It is different from a jaccuzi, but it was very warm.  


We played games in the pool where Tia Moema threw an orange in the water, it sunk to the bottom and whoever got it first would win! When the orange landed, I would dive down and get it.  I ran really fast and jumped into the water.  

The pool was pretty deep.  I couldn’t even dive down in the deep end.  I only touched the deepest part once.  I held my breath so long that I almost ran out of air.  Luckily, I touched the bottom really fast and then went back up.  

Yesterday, we also saw a helicopter land! It was using so much petrol!  When it was landing, it was throwing so much grass in my face.   A cat got scared, jumped over a wall, and ran way into the deep depths of the night.  We also got to see the helicopter take off again.  It was like a private helicopter.  It flew off into the distance.  

There was also something else heading off into the distance!  There was a humongous ferry.  Tia Katy and Tia Moema were on that ferry.  Don’t worry, we will see them again in one week.  I really am going to miss them!  

Love you! Me