Birthday Pound Cake


Today we had lemon pound cake!  My Papai makes the best lemon pound cake you have ever tasted! It is so good!  It tastes so delicious!  You are probably wondering what is pound cake.  Pound cake is more packed together than a regular cake. Did you know, that if you taste a pound cake it tastes better?  It’s because pound cake takes has more sugar than regular cake. For my birthday, I’m going to have 4 lemon pound cakes and one huge one.  That’s 5 lemon cakes!  I have no idea how many people will be there for my birthday. You are probably thinking that is way over the top, way too much sugar!  But for me, I don’t think that’s a lot.  It is a lot of sugar!  If you had all those cakes, you would probably get diabetes.  I listen to conversations and figured out what diabetes is.  I am learning more words every day.  You may think I know all the words, but I don’t.  

By the way, my birthday is in 15 days.  Tomorrow it will be in 14 days.  I still don’t know what I want for my birthday. You probably have to ask my dads.  They know what I like.  I would say Legos are high on my list.  What is on the middle of my list is model airplanes.  And on the bottom of my list is a journal, because I do not have that many more pages left.  

I would love to have everyone at my birthday who is reading my blog.

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