Awesome Day  in the Amusement Park


The amusement park here is crazy awesome! You walk in and the first things you see the revolving wheel ride, toy shops, and a horse contest.   The people riding horses have to do tricks.  Its kinda like a barn!  They have to make the horses jump over wooden boards, ropes, grab hat and eat hay during the contest.   Some of the horses on the side are practicing with their trainer.  Kids my age are riding horses, which is not fair!  They could do this because they did lots of training.  Whoever does the best tricks gets a trophy. At least I got to sit on a horse!


Yesterday we went to an amusement park and I got to go on the revolving swings. There was so much earsplitting music.  It would make your ear drums want to pop.   It revolves so fast it makes you want to close your eyes and vomit.   The object of the ride is to grab the scarf just for fun. If you grab the scarf, you get on the ride again for free.  The scarf is attached to the fishing rod.  They place it in the air while the ride is spinning. You can keep riding, if you catch the scarf.  A kid kept getting it all the time because he had a really long arm and his dad was swinging him towards the scarf.  That’s how he caught it about it 1000 times. Another kid got the idea and swung their swing towards the scarf and caught it.   I  couldn’t catch the scarf because my arm is to short.  I could have gotten the scarf if my dad was swinging me from behind.  The game is dangerous, because you don’t have a seatbelt and you are about 8 meters in the air spinning at least 10 mph!  

When do vampires like horse racing? … When it’s neck and neck!  HAHAHA

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