Fun with History

In the Roman times there was a huge porta-potty station with lots of toilets and they had baths in the bath house. 

The forecast said it was going to rain, but we woke up and it was not raining! We went to a ancient site. The Phoenicians and then the Romans used to live here in this area near where we are anchored. The reason they moved here is because there were three harbors, so lots of ships could enter easily. One half of the ancient city is out of the water and the other under.  The ocean has risen here, so now you can’t see part of the city.  One cool thing is that we did not see any marble. There were only two pieces left.   The other pieces were stolen!  Another cool fact is the people were really small back then.  The men were a meter and a half.  The women were slightly shorter.  We also visited their old market. This fact might surprise you, they had sliding doors just like we do now.  Everyday new markets and buildings are being found underground.  Just imagine all the things that we haven’t discovered yet that are hidden underground, like medallions, gold, hundred dollar bills.  That's why all the the old building are found underground. If you dig too deep, you might find an ancient site like this Roman city.  In the Roman times there was a huge porta-potty station with lots of toilets and they had baths in the bath house.  One of the baths was hot, one was room temperature and one was cold.  Men and women came at different times.  When the the water drained from the tubs it would go to where the toilets are and then clean out all the poop and pee.  They had a tank of water like on a boat.   Later on, the Spanish took over the city and built lots of towers, so they could protect their land, which was actually not their land in the first place.  We also visited a tower to shoot all the pirates.  After the tour we walked back to our starting place. 


We then walked around town, we had lots and lots and lots of pizza.  I had a large sized one and my dads had a large sized pizza.  My dad had a Margarita pizza like me and my papai had a mushroom pizza.   I finished all my pizza and my dad only finished half of his.  My dad took some pizza to go.  When we got outside, it started to rain.  We walked fast and got to the beach really quickly.  We took the dinghy all the way back to the boat.   When we got home my dad and I started scrubbing the sides of the boat while it was raining.  We were soaked!  We also cleaned the bottom (underside) of the boat.  There was no rain under there so that was an easy part.  After we were done, we ate the leftover pizza.  It was DELICIOUS.  I loved it.  After that was done, I had to finish my homework which was annoying.  After I finished my work it was time to go to bed.  I read from 8PM to 11PM, that was like three hours of reading!  After that I went to bed.  At night, I was nice and cozy.  

Watch out Papai’s birthday was May 2nd! I wonder what we did for his birthday.  You will find out in my next blog.