Leaning how Volcano Fumes Work


The smell was so bad!  Why did it smell like rotten eggs? Even on our boat we could smell it.


By the time I got to the mountain, it was  around 11:30 am.   My Papai was complaining about the smell before we even walked up.   When we got to the mountain, he noticed where the smell came from.  It was 800 meters up to the top of the volcano!  It was a really good hike.  When we almost got to the top, we had snacks and then we continued to the top.  When we got to the top there were so many fumes, smoking fumes.  They were not in the middle of the volcano (crater)!  They were on the outside ring.  If you wanted to get to the tippy tippy top, you had to walk through the fumes with your eyes and mouth closed.   You have to breathe through your t-shirt, because the fumes are toxic!  It smelled like rotten eggs.  In the sulfur gases, it felt horrible!

  The volcano we walked up to could erupt at any time.  I hope it does not erupt right now! 

I even collected some melted sulfur rock at the top.  It wasn’t really melted, it was a crystal rock.  I think it is worth $100!  That doesn’t seem like a lot, but to me, it seem like it’s a lot.  


When we headed down the mountain, we got down in like 10 minutes.  Going up the mountain took 120 minutes.   That’s two hours!  If two hours is 120 minutes how many minutes is in 1 hour?  Do not go on to the next work until you figure it out.  If you can’t, I will give you a hint.  What plus what equals 120?  Try 60 plus 60!  What does that give you?  I will give you 1 minute to figure it out.  60 minutes.  That’s the answer!  If you knew it, you can continue on.  Alright since you’ve finished that math problem, it’s time to continue to my next blog. :)

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