4-wheeled bike!


Was it a bee? Was it a lady bug or was French toast? It was a lady bug and it flew in my mouth.  I felt something crunchy and swallowed it by accident.  Crunch, crunch, crunch!  It was a lady bug breakfast.  Gross!  


We walked into the city and saw a four wheeler bike rental. It actually had a steering wheel too.  I used my money Gigi and Poopa gave me to rent it for one hour.  I loved it!  While my dad was paying, I started practicing by riding around.  I almost drove it off before my dads paid.  Then away we went off into the city.  We went to the main street and all around town.  Mel, Titia Moema’s dog, was sitting in the front and I was driving.  It felt cool to drive a four wheeled bike.  I was driving really well and my dads were paddling.  I stressed out my dads by zig zagging all over the place.  I almost crashed.  Luckily there was a break.  I slammed on it.  If I hadn’t slammed on it, we would’ve hit the car.  We were about one and a half centimeters from the car!  There were ice cream shops, bakeries, and grocery stores. My Papai loves grocery stores.  They even had a mini Ikea.  Soon time was almost up on our bike ride.  We paddled around a bit more and then we returned it. 

After the bike ride we walked to the main street again.  I got to play a game in the arcade.  You have to shoot down robot monsters.  The cool thing is that the gun actually shoots tiny plastic yellow balls.  You also get a prize.  Two other people must have left their balls in the machine, so I got three bouncy balls!  Next, we played a game with balls.  We had to catch the ball another person threw and catch it before it stopped bouncing.  Papai and dad were good at it.  My dads could bounce it so high you couldn’t see the ball.  Then we headed back to boat with our kayak.  When we got back, I washed my feet and took a shower.  I went to sleep at 11:59. Just kidding, I went to bed at 9:45 and fell asleep at 10:25.  I love reading books at night and then I fell asleep.  Zzzzzzz