Splash! I felt like a wet tooth brush…


It felt like it was going to be so hot today.  I decided to take a cool shower outside.  I also cleaned my shorts, because they were dirty. Papai told me to “hang your shorts”.  I was just about to pick them up and hang them when he grabbed me and threw me in the water.  I was flying in the air and I could see everything spinning. It was so beautiful!  But when I hit the water, I did a belly flop.  It hurt a lot!  Once my head poked out of the water, I swam to the ladder and started crying.  My Papai said, “What happened?”.  He acted like he didn’t do anything.  Then, I tried to push him in the water, but he didn’t fall.  He was on the edge, so I tickled him and then he finally fell into the water.  I felt so much better.  Finally, I was all clean. I jumped into salt water and then took another shower in fresh water.   That was embarrassing!