Gabe's Outrageous Room and New Friends


Yesterday was outrageous. We woke up super-duper early.  My Dads cleaned the boat and then they made me clean my room. Which totally creeped me out. My room was an outrageous disaster!  Books were scattered, Legos were everywhere, clothes on the ground and lots of other stuff.  I thought I could never do it.  My dad convinced me by telling me that I had a new game on the iPad and if I got it done I would have more time with the game.   Then, I got it all done. 

Paul who fixes sails came over to take our mainsail off the mast.  We had holes in the sail and the batons were broken and some had fallen out.


My dad made scone.  Then I realized I wanted to make some money, so I started a Scone Stand on the dock.  I only had two people who bought scones.  I almost had three.  They were three Euros each, but then I lowered it down to two Euros.  So people would buy it.  I was going to lower it to one Euro, but my dad invited me to have a smoothie.


Then, when I was finally about to get my iPad, some new friends came over. Their names were Paul and Elena.  This is the same Paul that fixed our sails.  We had appetizers with Paul and Elena.  It was awesome!  I played boat simulator, instead of flight simulator.  It is a new game I got on my dad’s iPad.  It was pretty cool! I went full speed and in reverse on the boat.  It was hard to turn around.  Finally, my dad told me to get dressed, brush my teeth, put my pajamas on and go to bed.  I had good dreams and was nice and cozy.  I had my heater on the whole night because it was a little cold. 

I woke up and it was a new day! Find out what happened next by reading my new blog!