The Hiking Adventure


Oh Oh, Aa Aa! We woke up, felt good, got dressed and decided to hike a mountain.  We were going to hike up Gibraltar Rock. Then my dad said, “We should go up the funicular.” It was 50 pounds for us all to take it. We are not in America.  It is a different country and a pound is more than a dollar.  That is 75 bucks! 


Anyway, we just walked up the mountain.  It was a steep walk!  My dad did not know where the path was. The mountain is known for monkeys. The monkeys were awesome and there were so many!  One monkey flew on my Papai’s head, unzipped his backpack, pulled out chips, ripped the bag open and started munching on the chips.  It did all that in seconds!  Papai’s eyes and mouth were really wide and his eyebrows were slanted down like an angry face.  My other dad tried to swipe it back, but the monkey was too fast. 


Up on the mountain, it was so cold and so windy. I tried to find a shelter, but it was hard.  Finally, we got to the top and looked around for two hours at monkeys, cannons and anti-aircraft guns.  Then, we got bored.  We went to a tiny coffee shop where we got some hot chocolate.  The ladies were so nice, they offered me a tiny double decker bus! Tara and Lashmi were so kind they offered me a tiny double decker Gibraltar bus.  I was so pleased! 


Finally, we went down the whole mountain, by foot.  When we got all the way to the bottom, I was so tired.  I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and we went to a pet store to look at some pets.  I looked at the fishes and the guinea pigs. We went to a toy store and I got to pick out something I wanted for my birthday.  Then we walked toward the marina. On the way to the marina we go some Palak Paneer.  The restaurant also had Wi-Fi, so I downloaded a flight simulator game.  It was so fun that it blew my pants off.   Then I went to sleep.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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