Marina Disaster


We were coming from El Jadida sailing towards Gibraltar.  We had been sailing for 2 days.  I was so tired.  We were going 11 knots, which is fast!  We got to Gibraltar just in time before the current shifted.  We were finally in the Queensway Marina.  We went out into town and went to a bowling alley which was open.  I wanted to bowl, but my dad said “Tomorrow!”.  I said “Okay.”  We walked around the city a little more.


Then we went back to the marina and met two friends.  They showed me their boat, then I wanted to show them our boat.  Then something horrible happened.  It was so embarrassing and it is so hard to share it with all the people in the world.  They couldn’t jump so far to the boat from the dock.  So I got a plank, which was an unsafe buoy that floats.  I stuck it across.  It touched the dock, I went on it and then… I can’t say…I fell in the marina poo and pee water. The water felt a little bit warm at first and then when I was trying to get back on the dock it was beginning to get cold.  Luckily, I was able to pull myself on the dock quickly. My dad ran over to me as fast as his huge, fat, chunky, giggly legs could run.  He said “Are you insane? That thing cannot hold the weight of 50 pounds!” I was soaking wet and so embarrassed. I went inside the boat and took a steaming shower, I came back all dry.  My Papai laughed at me when he saw me all dry.  He said “That was hilarious!” He laughed at me because I fell in the water and I chose a board that was not stable at all.   I learned a lesson, use something that cannot bend when trying to get on the boat.

Finally, it was the end of the day. I went to bed and it was nice and cozy. I had good dreams of not getting wet! 

The End