Easter on the Ocean


The passage is going great! We were sailing using the gennaker and we were going 4, 5, 6 knots.  To reach 6 knots by motor, you have to push the motor to 2,000 revolutions per minute. Today, it was getting so windy we had to pull in the gennaker, pull out the jib and main sail.  A gennaker is like three time larger than the jib. It is meant to catch lots of wind.  If we get high wind speeds with the gennaker, we can lift off the water like a kite surfer! There aren’t that many waves right now.  There are a few white caps.  The waves are 1 or 2 meters high, but we are fine.  Thanks goodness it is not 6 meters!  My favorite part of a passage is not getting seasick. I have not been seasick yes on this passage!  It is also fun to play board games, watch movies, read Big Nate books and have people on board. 

Easter on the boat was astonishing! I learned that Easter is not only about bunnies and chocolate, it is also represents Jesus. When his friends and family checked Jesus’ tomb, he was gone.  So that could mean one things to the Christians, he rose from the dead!!!  My dads hid eggs really well, upstairs, downstairs and even in my room. I got 12 packs of different types of noodles, which you may see as only a little bit, but when I looked at them it was a lot to me.  I love noodles!  I’ve liked noodles since the first time I ate them. I also got a bag of Smurf shaped white and light blue marshmallows! Hold on a second... “Is that okay if I have a marshmallow now?”

“I’m back!”

I also had a tootsie roll popsicle. I should have had the bubble gum instead, but I wanted to chew it for more than 5 min. It would take hours for the gum to dissolve in my mouth, but it is worth it.  My dad said “Don’t each too much sweet food or you will get cavities!” Additionally, I got five Kinder Eggs.   Kinder Eggs are made of chocolate and inside the egg there is a surprise you get.  It can be anything!  It could be a donkey, puzzle, anything!  It depends what type of egg it is.  I got a super prize egg, a big prize!  A got a few things like little racing cars, a dinosaur, paints and a puzzle, which took me two minutes to build. And finally, I got a boogie board for Easter. I haven’t ridden on a boogie board in a long time.  Once we are anchored, I can kick my feet on it behind the boat, because it moves around easily.  We should take the dinghy and pull the boogie board full slow and I can kick my feet! 

The End- That’s it!  Now…I will have a piece of candy!

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