Kayaking Catastrophe


I was kayaking around the boat this morning and my Papai called me in for passion fruit smoothy. I was about to get on board when my left foot slipped into the water.  One foot was on the edge and the other in the water. The edge of the boat was wet!  There was not much friction.  The water felt cold and my Papai came right over to help me.  He laughed and said “Oh my gosh!”  He pulled me up and led me inside.  My Daddy asked me what happened and I told him.  I drank the passion fruit smoothie with whipped cream and it was so so good!  


We kayaked to the bay and parked our kayak on the beach.  We walked around on the rocks.  We found the perfect spot to have a snack. I pretty much ate a whole bag of chips!  My Papai was eating tortilla chips and my dad ate a chocolate granola bar.  We then started back towards the boat.  Before we kyaked back, we explored around town. I got a water gun and I am being distracted by it right now.  I really want to go back to playing with my water gun now.  Good bye and have a nice day.  I hope you are following us on TheWindExpedtion.com

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