Extreme Kayaking


Bloonk…went the kayak oar.  We were paddling to see what was on the other side of the rock. We saw a cove, crystal clear water, and mountains.  We saw one of the highest mountains in all of Europe, Mountain Telde. It has snow on the tippy top and roaring airplanes going by it.  One airplane turned left and it looked like it was heading towards Africa.  There was cove were we sat down, had a snack, saw a crab, fish and sea weed.  We also climbed down the rocks, then we got to the kayak and oared back to the boat. My dads got off the kayak and I practiced kayaking alone around the boat!  Then, dads jumped off the side of the boat into the water like they were crazy.  Then, I jumped into the water and got out. The water was freezing!  I went out to lay on the cushions because they absorbed the heat from the day.


My dad was flying our drone to see the world up top.  We had problems with it, so we only did a short video.  There was some trouble landing the drone on the boat.  Then I had to start to do my school work.   I had a math drill, I drew a picture of the Robomatic, I read about Captain Underpants and finished my blog.  And now my dad is think about letting me watch Mega Mind. 

Today was terrific!

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