A Blast of a Day

Today, we left the anchorage off the Porís de Abona Beach. We went 20 nautical miles to Playa Amarilla. When we got there, we kayaked to a rockin' beach where we tied off our kayak on the rocks. We dove into the freezing cold water. After that, we sat down on the warm rocks stealing all of its warmth. Finally, we walked to see a little ice cream shop.

My papai jumped off the boat and swam super fast towards the island. He came up soaking wet. After that, we walked to the top of Amarilla Mountain. At the top we saw seagulls, our boat, a party catamaran and lots of water.  My Papai didn’t want to climb back through the rocks to the kayak.  My other dad and I got the kayak and paddled back toward him.

When we got back to our boat, I kayaked by myself.  Today was a wee bit harder because the winds were stronger than the last beach. I took a shower and I read in my birthday suit again.   Then, we had a snuggle-fest! I snuggled with my dads and I also got popcorn. It was the best night in history!

Gabriel King