Columbus Museum

February 27th, 2018

Today, I’m going to eat noodles!!!

I woke up, ate my breakfast and bushed my teeth as usual.  After that we went to the bow of our boat and there were guys scuba diving on the port side of the boat.  Remember from my last blog, the line got tangled in the motor.  The scuba divers in front of the boat were checking the main mooring lines.  My dad asked the scuba diver to check our boat lines and it took 30 seconds to pull the line from the bottom of our boat.  It must have been the current that put the line back around the propeller. 


Then, we went to the Columbus Museum in Las Palmas.  The museum had Columbus’ writing. It has all of his four routes on a computer dashboard.  It also had a blue and a red Macaw!  I learned that Columbus had more than one route across the Atlantic.  He never made it North America, he only reached Central America four times.  I was surprised that they had a massive model ship in the museum. 

Last, we hung out in a plaza.  It was just like a regular square with a statue in the middle.  I played in the park with friends that I made.


I couldn’t eat noodles tonight.


At the Columbus Museum

At the Columbus Museum