Harness Time, Puking Time

Las Palmas to Santa Cruz, Spain


Crash, Splash! I was jumping on the trapoline. I got soaking wet.  The waves got bigger as we went farther out and they began to have white caps.  The waves were whack-a-doodle crazy.  I was jumping on the trampoline so high, I almost fell in the water. Good thing I had my harness on! 

Santa Cruz Marina 

Santa Cruz Marina 

When I went inside, my clothes were soaking wet. I read a book in my birthday suit and shockingly I puked three times!  It smelled like rotten eggs. I felt better.  Finally, I took a three hour nap.

When I woke up, I could see the marina. I could see land! Finally when we arrived at the marina, I felt a lot better. We saw our fiends and had dinner with them. Once the dinner was done at 10pm, we said goodby and we read a bedtime story. 

Tomorrow is going to be a whole new day!

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