Aquarium Trip




There are strong winds today!  We woke up as normal, we ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and went on a bike ride to the aquarium. It was not an ordinary aquarium, it was one month old.  It was amazing.  First, we went to the main part where there were parrots.  After that we went down under the sea. We were walking in a tube.   There were not even cracks in the tube!  We saw a manta ray, a moray eel, crabs, lobsters and two scuba divers in the main tank.  The scuba divers were cleaning the tank and the coral.  The coral was not real, it was plastic.  But still, it was beautiful!


On the way back from the aquarium we met an electric car dealer.  The first one we saw had two seats.  The second electric car had four seats. The car dealer took us on a ride around the town!  For a present, he gave me and my dad a cookie. 

After that, we stopped at the park for 20 min and went home.  My dad was fixing the boat couch and we got to cut wood with a saw.  After that we had dinner, and guess what…we had noodles! ...with chicken.