I Can't Wait!

Yesterday was awesome! We woke up really really early and ate breakfast really fast! We were anchored just off of Corralejo Beach. I had to do my writing work very fast so I could help with the anchor. But the only problem was, I didn’t make it in time. My dads said “Get your work done!” I finished my work very fast and I ran upstairs to help my dad with the throttle! After I helped my dad, we got set for lunch. After we ate lunch, I was doing the rest of my work so I could spend time with my friends we met last time.


We were in Arrecife.  My dad set the table and my other dad cooked. I kept an eye out so I could see my friends. I saw them! We drove the dinghy all the way to pick them up. We took two trips back to our boat. The first time, we drove back with with the  three kids and I drove the boat. After that, we went back to get the adults of the family. When everyone was onboard, we started to chit chat. We played hide and go seek. We played cops and robbers. Then, we had seafood paella for dinner. And after that, we had dessert. It was chocolate cake with sugar glaze and sprinkles! 

We played a card game and it was called Codenames! It was kids versus adults. The kids won a lot of the times! To think of it, the adults never won.  It was a hard game.

After the game, we played more hide and go seek on our boat. Then, it was time for them to leave. We drove all of them together on the dinghy back to the docks. I said “I can’t wait to see you again!” Then we drove the dinghy back to our boat. When we were getting on the boat, my Papai remembered something they forgot, the green wine we gave them from Portugal! By the time I was going to bed it was 12 AM! I like having my friends over. Tomorrow night we will see them again. That’s it for my blog, please keep following us! Say you will. Please!

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