Hurricane Season

Yesterday was an awesome day. I woke up. I felt good.


We were going to on the kayak to go the beach, but we ended up not going. It got cold and windy. We had smoothies instead. We did some journaling and read an entire book about Hurricane Katrina. The book was called I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005. There was a intense hurricane coming and everyone had to evacuate. Barry’s 5-year old sister was vomiting in the car.  They decided to go back to their house which was a bad idea. The winds picked up and everything was flying in the air. In the morning, the door swung open and water poured into the house. Barry screamed! The water was rising.  They had to go into the attic and then, they use an ax to chop a hole through the roof.  Then they climbed on the roof.  Barry was sucked off the roof and into the water current.  He tried to keep his head up.  He jumped on a house that was ripped apart.  He went inside the house. He heard a dog barking. He undid the leash and the dog licked him on his chin. The rescue helicopter was swirling above them and they waved for help and they did not seem to see them. 

They were really hungry. They swam to the kitchen in the house and opened the fridge. They found hotdogs, cans of coke and water. They gobbled everything up. Then they saw boats in the water. None of them seemed to hear them. Luckily one boat did.

She pulled up on the roof and they jumped on. They brought them to a bridge where lots of people were stranded.  The other boats kept looking for others. One hour later, he heard a familiar voice. It was his parents. He missed them so much.

When the hurricane was finally done, his parents explained the whole story. His dad had jumped into the water to save Barry, but couldn’t find them and then he struggled to get back the roof. Then a small boat came to rescue them. Then, they were back with their son. 

I did not want that to happen to us on the boat! I would not go into a hurricane, I would be so scared! If I was in a hurricane, I would go in my room slam my door shut. If water came in, I do not have a plan B.

That night, we made sweet potatoes, spiced lentils and lots of grilled chicken.  After that, we watched a movie called Step up 3. It was about a 3 round dance contest and if they won, they got to take home $100,000. The pirates won and Samurais lost. 

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