Adventure Time!

Today I went jumping on the trampoline. Then, I went inside, read a book and felt a little seasick. There are white caps right now and the boat is jumping up and down.  


Our friends are in our boat right now and they are just taking a nap. Mia, Sheila and Behzad are here for a visit. I am enjoying spending time with Sheila. Sheila is 1 year old. Last night Sheila was playing. We were having a little puppet show with her. It was great!  We were playing with Jack, Squeaky, Flippy, and Tiggy. They are stuffed animals.

Right now we are on our way to an anchorage and will be there in about 40 min. I see huge waves and three sailboats. The wind speed is 21 knots.  On the port side, I see a beach with a little city and a cruise ship looking building. In front of us I see a mother island with a sandy beach. I see sailboat masts on the side of the island. That means our port is in that direction. There was just a huge wave that almost went over the boat! We are going to the Island Lobos. I can’t wait to get there. I have to finish my blog before I get there. Sorry I have missed a few days blogging. I’ve been spending time with my friends. I promise I will my blog again tomorrow. I think we will arrive in port soon. Gotta get going. Bye! Have fun in freezing NY or wherever you are. 

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