Time to Motor


I got us out of an anchorage from the helm station this morning. I did it all by myself! If the anchor was to the left, I would turn the boat to the port.  If the anchor is pointing diagonal then you have to turn the boat into the right position. This is my first time getting out of an anchorage with my dad not being in the helm station with me.  He was just in the front of the boat. It was a bit hard, though all you have to do is push the throttle forward on starboard and backwards on port. The boat will turn starboard.  The fun part is driving the boat once we have left the anchorage. It is very hard to drive a big boat with one person.  I felt awesome and I think I could do it again.  


We are going to pick up some friends called Behzad, Sheila and Mia. We have the sails up and we are motoring while we are sailing. We only have two knots of wind.  The bad part about motoring is that we are wasting a lot of gas. You know how cars take gas?  Boats take a different type of gas called diesel. We have to pay for diesel for both tanks. Each tank holds 300 liters. A thousand million guesses about how much it costs.... how much did it cost? ... you’re about to find out. 254 Euros ($300) to fill up two half full tanks. That’s about 300 liters of diesel!

When we are motoring, we only use one engine like we are right now.  If we were running two, then we use more gas. If there is less than 10 knots of wind right behind us, we can bring in the jib and use a gennaker.  It can catch a lot of wind. Some catamarans have a gennaker and so do some monohulls. We ordered a gennaker because we wanted to be safe. You know the saying, it is better to be safe than sorry.  

Gabriel KingComment