Finding Waldo

We tour the world and so does Waldo. If we didn’t post, you would have a hard time to find me. Try to find out where I am!


Now I have all the Waldo books!  Auntie Lindsey got me 1 through 7!  My favorite one is Where’s Waldo the Fantastic Journey. I read and looked for Waldo with my dad this morning. It was hard finding Waldo, because he was hiding behind lots of people. One time, I found him in Waldo world. Waldo world is a place where everyone is dresssed like Waldo. You have to find the Waldo with only one shoe on and you have to find his other shoe. Waldo is an explorer you have to find him in every scene. The scene I like best is the Maze of Wonders, because people are trying to get through the maze. They are always trying to get out. Some people take feathers off birds and put them on a stick and use them as wings, some dig out and some just walk out. I like Waldo books because there are always funny things happening!

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