Carnival Time

Yesterday was outstanding, because we went to the beach and carnaval.  I swam in the water a bit. My dad wouldn’t go swimming with me. I ended up playing with some friends on the beach.

We played soccer, keep away, and tag. My friends spoke Spanish.  I couldn’t talk to them. They didn’t understand what I said at all. They started understanding me a bit.  My dad translated what I was saying to them.  Then we had a salami sandwich for lunch. 


After lunch, we walked on the the boardwalk for one mile. We saw ice cream shops, stores, parks, and Mount Teide. And then we went to a carnaval parade and saw cray cray costumes. There were like four carnaval queens and four carnaval kids.  I wondered why the kids were on the backs of the floats. I like the real carnival queen. She and her float were beautiful! There was glitter and lots of feathers.  At the end of the parade, there were floats. One was a haunted house float with crazy people.  I like the dragon float because it had teeth on it that moved up and down slowly. There were old bikes that looked fake but they were actually real. The people riding them were wearing old school costumes. There was also a rock band at the end of the day. Their music was awesome!  I loved the beat and the singing was fast. I thought the man singer was better because I liked his voice.  

I would recommend for kids to come here, because every year they have a carnaval that is just as large.  

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