Never Underestimate Playing

Yesterday was a boring day, just joking. It was awesome. I woke up and felt good. Then I got right to my work.


After the work, I played on the beach with my water polo ball. I threw the ball into the big waves. The waves brought the ball back to me. I kept doing it. The trick is you have to wait for big waves. When I was cold, I went to get a towel and I had a gronola bar and a apple.

Finally, we walked around the city which felt like 10 hours. Then we found park where I made friends and I played with them for an hour or two.  I was a bad guy and if I got shot then the other bad people healed me. There was one cop and 8 or 9 bad guys. I had a partner and we had a secret hide out. He spoke English. He was from South America.

Then it was time to go, because it was so dark. We had to turn on our anchor light, because our shore was anchored off shore and other boats could not see us. We took the kayak back to the boat and I took a shower outside. Then we had a nice dinner- vegetables with rice, curried cauliflower and potatoes. For dessert, I had chocolate chip ice cream.  My Papai fell sleep with me when reading a bedtime story.  He usually leaves at 8:30, but this time he slept with me till 2:30. 

And don’t forget, never underestimate the power of underwear!

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