Storm is coming!

Las Palmas, Spain


Today was an awesome day! I got so may comments on my blog!  We woke up early we went to the beach.  I made two friends. We went in the water.  We played soccer.  We played volleyball.  We played tag and tried to hitch rides on massive waves.  One of them spoke English and the other one did not.  We also ate chocolate muffins, croissants and a delicious donut.  The donut tasted like melted chocolate. My dad’s chocolate muffin was also delicious.  It had hard chocolate on the outside and chocolate filling in the inside.


We had to rush back home because of the wind and because of the rain clouds. I hope no one got wet at the beach! There were a least 30 knot winds in the marina! There were white caps in the marina too. I was so glad that we were not in the ocean outside of the marina. The boat was bopping up and down, up and down. I’m so glad we did not get seasick.

I really wanted to watch a movie while my dads prepared for the storm. I watched Star Wars I with Darth Mal in it. It was awesome. The good guys won the battle. Star Wars 3 that I watched in the movie theater, the Supreme Court Master got killed.

I really hope Titia Katy sees this!