Hovering in Air

Quickly the boat bobbed up and down on crashing waves. Sea water wise up and crashed on the windows. I was jumping 2 feet high on the trampoline. It was like I was hovering in the air.  I stood there for a while. Water splashed in my face. The sailboat was tacking and I stayed down on the trampoline. Water hit my face so hard that I had to keep my eyes shut. the sail was flapping back and forth.  The waves were still crashing at 30 k winds at a 90 degree angle. I felt like our boat was going to capsize, but it didn’t.

Because the boat was like bouncing ball, My dads decided to go back to the marina to anchor. When when we arrived there it was fine. All of the sudden the boats all switched direction. My dads told me that it was just the wind. Before I knew it, the wind stoped and the water was calm and still. We are finally home on shiny sandy beach where people are swimming in the light blue water. 

Gabriel King4 Comments