A Tangled Mess

Las Palmas, Spain


I woke up and I felt good.  I went upstairs and my dad was already there!  The first thing we did was try to get the mooring line untangled from our propeller. We had a slight problem with the mooring line.  My dad had to put on scuba gear and go under the boat to unwrap the mooring line from the propeller.  He was unwrapping the mooring line for an hour and then we had to cut it.  Later, it got caught again.  I was thinking it was the current.  We need to leave tomorrow.  How are we going to get it untangled if we only have 24 hours?


After that was done we went to the beach.  The waves were humongous on the beach.  I swam in the water and some waves were as high as the empire state building (at least it looked like it).  The waves knocked me out.  We built a sandcastle.  We had escape hatches, mote, walls, crops, pool, fire station, and coffee shop.  We flattened sand to make the roads.  I destroyed it, because I like destroying things.  I felt awesome!


After the beach we went back home and had a massive hamburger and a hotdog for lunch.  I didn’t finish the hotdog.  We ate so late, we didn’t have dinner.  I wanted noodles and after this blog, I will ask my dad if I can have noodles. He loves me so much I think he will say yes!