Standup Paddle Board (SUP) Madness


There I was on the paddleboard. We were cruising along to beach with massive waves and whitecaps. We were really close to shore. The waves looked like a four-foot tall building. It was like we were surfing. I caught a big wave. We were going so fast on the big wave we literally flipped over. I was underwater and then I popped up. Lindsey was freaking out. Her glasses and her hat fell, but she caught them right in time.



I was underwater swimming as fast as I could, but there was one problem. Where was the oar? I popped my head out of the water. The wave was carrying me. I landed on the shore, and there I saw it. The oar was washed up on the shore. I grabbed it just in time. Lindsey said “Where’s the oar?”

 I said, “I have it!”

I was soaking wet. Lindsey walked up the shore. At least I was wearing a life vest. Lindsey was not. She knew how to swim. When both of us were on the shore I said to Lindsey, “that was CRAZY!!” We walked up the shore. Then I saw my dads paddling to the beach in the kayak. I was screaming, “Be careful!”  Water got in the kayak. Luckily they were safe.


My dads jumped out, then Auntie Mara. All the water pushed back into the kayak and formed a big wave and then splashed on Lindsey and Auntie Mara as they were pulling the kayak out. We were completely wet from head to toe. My life jacket and bathing suit were dripping with at least 3 liters of water.

I was shivering. I said, “I really want a towel.” Luckily Auntie Mara had one and she put it on me. Luckily, it was a dark towel so it absorbed heat.

Then we walked to the next beach and we ate chocolate croissants and went to the grocery store. My dads bought some stuff they didn’t really need. Then we went back the paddle board and the kayak. I was afraid a wave was going knock us out but Lindsey was determined. She paddled as fast as she could. A little wave formed but we went over it. Lindsey was still paddling fast in 10 foot deep water. I said “It’s ok,” but she was still afraid.  Once we were three feet away from the boat I grabbed the ladder and went on the boat. I took a nice hot shower outside. It wasn’t cold because the generator was on.

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