Crashing Waves!


It was a great day! The waves were so high. The boat was bopping up and down. I was jumping in the trampoline. I jumped a lot. I went one-meter high with my harness. The waves went over the deck of the boat and splashed me. I was soaking wet when I went inside. I changed my clothes and we stood inside the saloon. Once we got to the marina, it got a little calmer. When we were docking, we got the mooring line stuck in the propeller. The mooring line is a line that is connected to the bottom of the ocean floor with a buoy on the top. Papai dived down to try and get the mooring line out.

The marina water had poop and pee. It has poop and pee because we live on a boat and we use the bathroom. When we use the bathroom all of that stuff goes in the marina water because there is a pipe that connects the toilet, shower, and sink to the outside of the boat and the pipe goes all the way down the middle of our hull when we FLUSH. We do number 2 and number 1. My papai does huge number 2s. It smells like egg salad. It is too bad we don’t have cleaning spray to make that smell go away.

Papai couldn’t cut the line because it was the marina mooring line. It kind of got cut because the propeller chopped it. My dad dove under it, tried to unwind it, but he couldn’t. Once it was night they took a break. I hope he can do it tomorrow.

Then, we went to get pizza. I ate a whole pizza. I watched them make the pizza. It was also incredible! They make it seem so easy, but it is actually hard. I tried to do it at home before.

Then we went to bed. ZZZzzzZZZZ